5 Expert Pictures - The Ultimate Event Photographer Photo Booth Solution

A real flashy deal!

Automated billing makes running your business a breeze!

Expert Pictures works on an autopay system – simply enter your credit card or debit card information. On the first of each month, Expert Pictures will charge you for the usage of the previous month. There’s no need to mess with invoices, paper bills or writing a check – the automated system takes care of it for you!

The cost is simple: 10 cents per photo upload – that’s it!

Just a dime gives you access to the Expert Pictures easy-to-use software package. Customers only pay for the images uploaded, which are billed at the beginning of the following month.

Don't want to pay per upload? Have events where you shoot lots and lots of photos?

No problem! Expert Pictures offers a flat rate billing option! When setting up your event, simply select flat rate billing, and we won't count your photos uploaded, we'll just bill you a flat rate for unlimited uploading for the event!

Add the social experience.

Clients looking for the additional social media monitoring and usage pay $25 per hash tag per day that exceeds 10 images. This flat rate ensures that as users upload photos using your custom hash tag, you won’t be charged on a per-photo basis.

Have lots of events? No problem – we will work with you!

Specialty pricing is available for high-volume clients looking for customized monthly billing – just contact us for more information.

Get the latest and greatest for free!

Our software is designed to automatically update as needed – so there’s no need to pay extra for the latest and greatest version.

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