5 Expert Pictures - The Ultimate Event Photographer Photo Booth Solution

It’s easy to get started today:

  1. Sign up for your free 30-day trial with Expert Pictures.
  2. Create a theme for your event using our easy-to-use software – you can even assign the event its own hash tag (one of our newest features!).
  3. Start snapping pics at your next event – whether in person, on a green screen, in a kiosk, whatever your method!
  4. Allow guests to share customized photos through social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for instantaneous branding, or print on the spot – the choice is yours.
  5. Store all of your captured photos in the cloud – organized and available for guests to view on your customized web gallery.
  6. Monitor hash tags, sharing, comments and likes to share with your client. Our online reports provide a wealth of information for clients – including total images taken, how many times photos were shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), how many times photos were downloaded or e-mailed, and can collect the e-mails of all users for future promotional use. You can download these in a number of formats to share with clients – and each email can be associated with an image number, adding extra value.
  7. Create an online, password-protected web gallery that can be viewed by clients and shared throughout their social media platforms.
  8. Get a call back for your next gig with the client – it’s that easy!

Your customers come first.

Give your clients immediate gratification with our social media sharing. Expert Pictures can track where the photos are going, who is seeing them, how many comments or likes a photo has received, and monitors hash tags that can be customized to fit any event.

Let them remember.

Expert Pictures adds an element of fun to corporate events by allowing attendees to take home a keepsake at parties. And, we can even help promote businesses at conventions or business functions — the possibilities are endless!

Need assistance with set up?

We can help. We have a wide array of ways to help get your business set up with Expert Pictures. You can even get pre-loaded software and hardware.

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