5 Expert Pictures - The Ultimate Event Photographer Photo Booth Solution

Browse through just a few of our custom features:

Personal touch

Adding a personal touch to your customized website that will host your event gallery

Unique URLs

A unique URL for guests to share and easily access images

Tethered and untethered images

Tethered and un-tethered image capture

Easy event setup

Easy event setup, including templates, multiple printers, multiple outputs, green screen capability, and on-screen adjustments

Free kiosk

Free Windows or Android Social Kiosks provide guests with the ability to share their photo at your photo event in real-time


Full admin privileges to images with password protection


Administrators can set up main image gallery with "best of" compilation or web widget capabilities

Social Sharing

Instantaneously and easily share photos via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Monitor hashtags

Monitor hash tags, sharing, comments, and likes with your clients


Seamless transfer from capture to hosting site, with wi-fi, and router-enabled transfer

Store in the cloud

Store all your captured photos in the cloud, organized and available for guests to view on your web gallery


Provide useful event reports to Clients, including e-mail collection, downloads, shares, and more

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